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Oct 2, 2022
Hello all,

After attempting to get into clay shooting some years ago I was never regular/consistent enough to ever improve then Covid closed it down pretty much completely. However, I have fallen into a group of people whom I now shoot with and in particular quite good at advice and I have found a new love for the sport again and I am really enjoying it, more as a hobbyist than much else but more importantly I am also improving quite quickly with far more regular shoots as you might expect.

I currently shoot with a Benelli 828u which at the time I suppose I bought on a very inexperienced whim with very little knowledge or back ground but that said I am improving with this model and cannot see the need to change for the near future however, I may well do at some point.

Here for advice and knowledge so please forgive stupid questions but I do have a lot of them!!

Thanks in advance, Luke

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Just enjoy it Luke, treat it as a hobby, no more than that. 

Great times! you are at a stage where your scores should go on an upward curve, make the most of it


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