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Jan 2, 2022
Choices choices! My section 1 franchi affinity has been playing up so it's going . Back at the dealership being fixed as the 7 year warranty is pretty good . ( Freeing up a 'slot ' for fac FX maverick I hope ) I was improving with the long semi automatic but the FTC was too much . I had fitted the cast shims for max drop to get the stock in my shoulder also a cheek riser so I could see a little rib . This is due to lolly pop neck . Current budget and availability lead to choices of :
New A400 exel. And get a stock riser cut in .
New Berretta 686 Evo adjustable
SH vvgc A400 exel grey
SH 682 gold adjustable stock
Advice opinions sought and appreciated.
Clays only really as the S1 Franchi was for harvesting the "vast shoals" of pigeons at the farm which don't exist.
I tend to 'rifle' clays a bit and generally shoot pull away .
Regards T
Just for details.
I shot naturally with both eyes open until I couldn't which was strange and annoying. I had got up to about 75/ 120 sporting then had to change to right eye and seeing the lead . Long crossers are the bane as usual . Anything that stops I hit .
Does anyone know what the general accepted warranty on a SH gun is . ?
30 days? 300 cartridges ? 30 mins!
Or just buyers remorse.
Appreciate the offer vmax I think if I go for an XL I'll buy new for the warranty.
Looked at the 682 today a little dirty and some pitting on the barrel blueing at £1500 it would have to be in vgc seemed solid but grubby and the circular polish at the knuckle was well worn so still shopping!! To much overtime available at the moment leaving not enough time for shopping or shooting i'm allegedly semi retired .
Maybe a trip to Ian coley for a fit and a lesson is the way forward . working Sunday will pay for it . no rest for the wicked. Thanks for the input and advice. It's a nice problem . Think I'll shoot the repared franchi ( new carrier , cartridge latch ,inertia spring and carrier leaver spring thanks GMK about 3.5 k shots through it) Thursday and stop thinking about it. Regards T.
It wasn't impressive even to my very untrained eye a good clean would have made me look at it longer but maybe exposed more flaws . Dodged a bullet I feel .
Sounds like it. The 682 E enjoys a good reputation but given their age most will have seen commensurate use. Should you still be considering a second hand Beretta, there's tables found on the fora that will tell you the year they were first proofed in Italy (and hence the year they were assembled). For more modern stuff those are a two letter-code in a bracket, usually found on the monobloc.
Italian proof house date codes.jpg
At £1500 the 682 should have been an immaculate ‘cabinet queen’ . That hadn’t seen the light of day for 20 years ! I paid £1350 brand spanking new when they were the gun of the day !

Wouldn't that buy you a car in todays money, if adjusted for inflation? 😁
There is a difference between the 682 Gold and 682 Gold E. The Gold's are great guns albeit they can be barrel heavy (30 & 3/4 barrels). The Gold E was a follow up and was adopted by many as their go to competition gun. The 32inch Gold E had (and has) a great reputation but that means many were used and used hard. 682 Gold's are often in better condition as they had a shorter run and less of a reputation. Hope that helps.
Well after much dithering I went shopping.
Shoots well but still not very good on long crossers , unless it's me which seems unlikely 😁. Relatively easy to clean it seems . And too long at 30" for my safe . &%🈵£#!🈳. Didn't get the extended warranty as after 3 years I imagine everything would be wear and tear . Felt remarkably different to the franchi and I have to adjust my shooting a little . Dropping the stock heel down and pushing it to the right was easy with the shims I may need another 1/2 " of length on the stock but that's easy . Must get out and shoot it a lot now 👍👍
Thanks for any and all input. TRIMG_20230914_141722_314.jpg
I bought a 682 Gold E, I am a noob. 32 inch barrels and adjustable comb, extended chokes. Needed a clean and I cleaned\oiled the ejectors as one was notchy (thanks TGS YT channel). £1100 and I love it. No money. Keeping it forever. Some people don’t like the fish scale chequering, it doesn’t bother me. it’s a piece of history and has bags of character. the forend has a tiny bit of packing, i’ll have that seen to at some point. As above I took off the old beretta gel pad, pull the staple at the bottom, and put on a new micro core as It was like concrete after all those years. It will take a 1/2 inch spacer as mentioned above.

I took some advice here before I go silly. No regerts.

oo I didn’t see you already made a purchase… nice one

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