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Feb 20, 2018
Currently wear Peltor Sport-tac which I like. However as the weather is warming up I find the sides of my head becoming slightly sweaty around the “plastic” ear cup pads. Do Peltor sell replacement breathable ear cups-made from something other than non breathable plastic?


Same thing happened to Phil (and a friend) at Westfields on Sunday and it wasn’t that warm!  Ended up taking them off and putting in his moulded plugs. 

I use cfg digital's in summer, sportacs in winter and game shooting, just turned back to the cfgs this week 👍

Did anyone find any breathable cups for these , I’m having the same issue. I’m wondering if the plastic material is to create a good seal to protect from the noise which is why we can’t seem to find any.
I have been using Swat Com over ear protection for over a year, it can get warm but it’s not too bad. I must say they are the very best hearing protection I’ve used, it would take a lot for me to move to anything else.
Back to the sportacs the last couple of weeks, cfgs developed a fault full report coming when I get them back, thought I got away with the sweaty ears 😖
Not to my knowledge although some kind of solution would be welcome. I'm a fellow sufferer, it's easy enough to slip em off and do a quick clean up with a bar towel or something, I carry one for drying the barrels during wet weather

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