Nordic Clays

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Nov 25, 2011
North Licolnshire
I saw an article about Nordic Clays the other day which caught my attention as the trap is run on a rechargable battery and is not much bigger than a cordless drill. The clays are not as we know them and in priciple are nearer to 'ZZ' targets, in fairness halfway between the two. Now as the targets do not fly like a normal clay target but instead do not stick to straight lines so demanding from what I can see.

My first thought was, this would be great fun for a spot of practice or to test guns or to introduce a newbie to the sport BUT I then found you have to buy from abroad at £680 for the trap and £46 per box of 196 targets so not cheap and nor so easy to get a quick supply of targets. 

I am not going to buy one at present until they are available in the UK but wondered if anyone here has one and what you thought of it. %235&_kx=k540e6Jm9XyIbnr5Akz4-fYAZFmChutlCRBcv6SoZAAPy12Q4N6o98lUoB5iofa8.TEFfnd


I think at that price our once a month straw bailer will stick to the hand traps for now, batteries never go flat and a box of 150 clays for £12 😃 


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