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Steve Lovatt

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Aug 30, 2011
Just to let people know on Sunday 3 rd November we will be running a 100 reg Fitasc at garlands along with 100 reg sporting on same day , Fitasc has never been shot here before so I'm really excited about this , and word has got out early as I already have 3 full squads

This will be a regular event on the first Sunday of every month .

Then on the second week end of the month we will be running the same format at Westfield only this time you can shoot Fitasc on the sat or Sunday and sporting on the Sunday

So with winter approaching I have logs in store for the log burner at Westfield and garlands has full central heating so you can be sure to find a warm cosy clubhouse with us all through the bad weather months


It will be possible to shoot both sporting and Fitasc on same day as toucan shoot stands of sporting in between layouts if you so wish

Steve id like to shoot more fitasc but im put off by the fact it takes so long to shoot. everyone ive been to has hour breaks between rounds (or is it parcours ) I dont spose there is a quicker way of shooting this event without long waits or am I just missing the point


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There is a quicker way to shoot it by having three layouts split into six sub layouts so you only have three breaks or the other way is to do four squads in the morning shooting 50 straight off break shoot another 50 then finish , then repeat in afternoon this system is not ideal in winter as you will run out of day light

Depending on what the interest level is like I will make a decision nearer the time

One thing I will say is some folk will not shoot Fitasc unless they have there four layouts and four breaks , personal choice me thinks

I prefer all day Fitasc.
That's the way it should be.
And my heads fried by the end so the longer the frying period the better.
Only shoot two layouts abroad and that's enough for my noggin.

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Can a book a full squad please Steve
Adam Curtis
Rachel Willcock
Jeremy Baker
Loraine Waters
Sean Bown
Ed Solomon's (waiting conformation)

Count me into a squad please Steve... my friends have booked without me, but thats OK - I'll make new friends  :fie:

Sorry we can't make it either.
Can't get cover for kiddies.
They y'are Matty

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Hi guys I have booked you all in

A Curtis

R Wilcox

S brown

T Pewsey

M Rutherford ( loads of friends )

Thanks Steve


Thanks Steve - looking forward to seeing you guys again... 


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