Gunsite results for 13th March 2022

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sean the sheep

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Sep 22, 2011
Thank you to all who came to Gunsite today, and below are the results:

Highgun/  B Greenwood 98

AA/    Joint 1st  W Baughan, A Cobb 96

A/    1st L Johns 94

       2nd B Hunt 93

       3rd A Poynter 92

       Joint 4th R Honour, A J Hoskins 89

B/   Joint 1st Z Purnell, D Probert, T Crook 83

       4th K Archer 82

C/   1st D Johns 82

       2nd P Oaten 75

       3rd S Townsend 74

       4th A Hunt 72

We are open for practice at Hangman's Stone next Sunday, hope to see you there!   


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