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Would you be more likely to shoot a GB selection shoot if they were 100 target, shoot either day eve

  • Yes

    Votes: 20 64.5%
  • No

    Votes: 4 12.9%
  • Would make no difference

    Votes: 7 22.6%

  • Total voters


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Apr 1, 2013
Quick straw poll for all you good folk on ShootClay. Would you enter the GB selection shoots if they were 100 target, shoot either day? Yes, no or makes no difference?

So they are 200; 100 each day? For me it's better as 100 on one day for sure. But I'm not a contender for a team place realistically, so to me it's just a good reg shoot. No reason to cause me family aggro by being out two days.

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No they are 150 shoots (except the British Grand Prix which is 200 targets) shoot 75 each day. 

I would prefer everything in one day rather than two whatever the amount to shoot was.  Obviously not attempting to get into team GB but for fun.

Southdown is a 100 mile round trip for me about a hour each way. 4 hours driving for 150 birds and then there's the price £105. Just compare that to the Essex Masters one trip 200 targets £75 quid all in the same day. I love Fitasc and would prefer to shoot it but I feel I am being priced out of it. Just saying!

No thanks Matt, what would be the point of having 100 bird team qualifires, shot in one day, for the European or World team that is 200 targets shot over 4 days!?!? I like the two day shoots, save up, take my wife with me, make them a social occasion as well as a shoot!!! Unfortunatly this year I might not make any of the 4 as family weddings are clashing with the two I fancy!!!

No real difference for me due to the distances involved in travelling to those shoots would mean a hotel stay anyway, which I have done in the past but the two day shoots does sometimes have a good social side  :drinks:

I'm booked on for 2 dayer at hodnet, but that's the only one of the FITASC shoots I can make due to coaching commitments. If they were one day events I'd prefer it but would still only be able to make a couple.

It's not really my discipline so won't go out of my way to shoot it if it means messing customers about. If I can make them, I will though!

all depends on venue matt if they kick the hoops to one side for day two , then it doesnt matter how many birds it is cause its sh*t 


James and Steve both make good points. For me the preference is for two day shoots. Don't forget that one of the selection shoots last year was 100 birds in a day and those that shot the one day with reasonable weather had a huge advantage.

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Totally different beasts in my view, selection shoots need to be accessible to as many shooters that want or can enter, those who work on Saturdays are at a disadvantage

Totally different beasts in my view, selection shoots need to be accessible to as many shooters that want or can enter, those who work on Saturdays are at a disadvantage
Matt, there are only 4 FITASC sporting 2 day selection shoots each year, if you WANT to do them and you work a Saturday, you will book holidays for those 4 Saturdays!!! The point is, they are TEAM QUALIFIER shoots, the two team shoots are the worlds and the Europeans, both 4 day shoots, if you can't get a Saturday off to shoot the selection shoots, how the hell are you going to get time off if you make the team??? Shooting 100 in one day is very different to shooting 50 for 4 days I would imagine (not shot the euro or world FITASC, yet) 75 Saturday and 75 Sunday should be closer, no? From what I have seen of the GB selection shoots in there current format, they are hardly struggling for numbers...

100 birds shot either day can be very unfair/luck of the weather...imagine if that selection shoot at Westfield had been 100 shot either day, the ones that shot on the Saturday, in gale force winds would have had a massive handicap compared to Sundays weather!!!

The world sporting this year could be very unfair if you get a lovely Thursday/Friday and a horrendous weekend...


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