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Jonny English
1 hour ago, Luke_(NL) said:

I'm confused about the fitted stock component that is supposedly included when buying a (any?) new DT11. Is it a specific package, does it just apply to some guns and not to others, and if it applies to the gun you buy, do you swap out the stock that it was shelved on? 

In looking at various DT's I spoke to one guy selling a DT11 black who felt like he had been cheated out of the custom stock for lack of the dealer even telling him about it. It had a standard (though adjustable) stock on it, but at least to his mind he should have been allowed to get a stock fitted and made. I find it hard to picture every buyer of a DT being welcome in the custom shop, but then again a DT11 isn't exactly cheap. I've been looking at S/H options mostly, but I have yet to hear a dealer in NL touting the benefits of buying new and getting the custom stock fitting. 

A custom fitted stock isn't included in the cost of a dt11. You have the option of the dealer arranging a different type of standard stock on the gun you buy as Geordieboy above has said (trap stock on a sporter)no visit to the factory is needed for this, just a good dealer. The other option is a VIP trip to the factory for a custom stock but this does carry an additional cost implication on top of the price of the gun.

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I have shot DT11s before and I can’t fault them, a friend had one and looking back now I should have bought it, when he “upgraded” to a k80.  Was an older one (2013) with so say the lighter barrels but it still shot very well. 

Ive got a Caesar guerini invictus 3 now which I do like and rate very highly,  but I could have gone either way to this or the Dt11, it was the price that influenced me more at that point as I shot both well.  If I could have both I would.

When people say the DT10 is a superior gun I personally wouldn’t agree,  after shooting both the Dt11 felt superior in every way.


Hope my input helps



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I know Amber Hill shoots a DT11, winning the gold medal in India after a shoot off, notice all the others in the Final also shot DT11's!!

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On 3/31/2021 at 6:18 PM, ColinD said:

Could the reason be that they are sponsored by Beretta 😉

Possibly but whoever sponsors you it still has to be put in the right place to score.

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