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Westward. Please stop twisting what I post on here and go back and read what I said again. You will find that it wasn't a pop at you, or ANY of the experienced shooters that give good advice on here. I stand by what I wrote, some can't be helped because they abandon objectivity in favour of hype. BTW both my books ARE practical and positive, as many shooters have found out. That's why my original contribution on here suggested them, to help shooters.

As an example of arrogant, rude individuals please take a look at one of the of the shooters that have endorsed your post above. One of them accused me of being "full of B/S" for no reason, in other words, a direct dig at someone he doesn't know, with zero explanation for his comments. It shouldn't be hard to figure out who it is.

And just to clarify my situation. I absolutely do NOT come on here to just sell books, I don't need to, I come on here to offer FREE advice, accrued by over 60 years of shooting shotguns........just like you and others do. I have found from experience that unfortunately, sometimes the best way to give this advice is via private e mails, not on here for obvious reasons. It is then up to the individual shooters to decide if they will take it or not. Thank you.
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Peter, please stop with your constant snarky remarks and nasty digs at people you don't even know. ShootClay is not, and never has been, that sort of forum.
We're all adults on here and capable of assessing the worth of advice and suggestions from others.

If you really want to help shooters as you keep saying, try posting something practical and positive rather than continually referring to your books and seeking to denigrate others.
John,don’t give him the chance to spout his nonsense, he’s best ignored and with a little luck might take the hint and piss off

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