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I don't think you'll get far pestering them, might even be counterproductive 

Haven't done an intro post yet but I'm in Hants and it took just over a year. Started the process Aug 2021. 

They are running well behind but once the FAO eventually made an appt and came round the licence came in about 5-6 weeks after. 

Hopefully not too long for you now. 

I emailed my FLO about my renewal in April, and below is their reply.

"It is a little too early to make your renewal application just yet.  We will send you out a renewal letter with all the information you need 90 days before you are due to expire.  At that time, you will need to request a report from your GP, however please do not do that yet as your GP report must be dated within 3 months of your renewal date."

Four years ago I sent my application in 6 weeks earlier than recommended .  My certificates  then actually expired . It turned out that anything that arrived prior to the start of a 3 month window went into a pending file . Mine didn’t come out !  Whether things have progressed beyond an in tray to computer scheduling is a bet I wouldn’t make ! 


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