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Apr 8, 2023
Hi all,

After a bit of advice.

A small group of us have set up a clay club on a friends farm. We recently purchased a black pidgeon trap from GDK which worked brilliantly for the first few sessions. 

We began to notice it start chopping clays after around 3 sessions. We don’t fire more than 3/400 clays per session so we feel this is very light use for this machine. 

We have sent pictures/videos to GDK and asked for this to be looked into by their warranty team but had no response whatsoever from GDK.

Does anybody have any contact details which they could share? I’ve tried the main office and Gary which are the only contact numbers I have. 

Has anybody else had an experience like this from GDK? 

The great GDK after sales service again 😁

Sorry I can't help you, but expect more of the above will come  I'm sure

Edit: where did you purchase it from, unless it was a direct sale I would contact where you purchased it from first

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GDK are far to flimsy and unreliable. We bought one and ended up returning it,

Nothing but trouble, not fit for purpose........
We have the double throw one, as your sitting on it it makes it more stable, only problem so far, you have to make sure the serrated part of the adjustment discs are well seated together before you tighten them. And don't use the utterly useless spanner provided with the trap. File down a normal spanner to fit the nut