Dubai Tournament

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Booked in 4 this as well, lot of us going should be a good bash!

I can put up with this gun down mullarkey 4 that sort of prize fund!

In the faq section it states 'FITASC' type targets. Interested to see what Paris HQ make of that! Deeper pockets than the Irish organisation if they take them on.

It actually says a 'FITASC type' championship and not actually a FITASC championship......and there in lies the get out. Might be a good argument for lawyers though :wink:

If I had to bet on it.......Paris will be quiet...and pretend not to notice they don't have to take up the cudgels.

I do not think that Paris could afford a pissing contest with Ahmed and his brother......if truth be known.

:fie:  Best thing that could happen in my opinion! Fitasc Paris is like the Maffia,  "Do as we say or we break your legs"  they don't want anyone else holding a shoot unless they have their fingers in the till! :fie:  

When you think that if you win the World fitasc Sporting C/ship you get a tin cup (not silver) if you win this shoot you get $140,000 U.S. its a no brainer! :crazy:  

This is going to be a fantastic event whatever type of target is involved because there will be many talented people from here going who are genuinely capable of putting in huge scores anywhere. I don't believe any other nation is in quite the same league yet. 

Not sure if they can run Fitasc format or even use or imply the name unless they have prior agreement BUT personally I would advise against gun down because when there is that kind of money involved you simply will not be able to enforce it evenly and fairly. It's just too likely that one nation will accuse another of their winners cheating; just throw good, hard and technical targets and let people compete. Do not allow the possibility of sour grapes tarnish what should prove to possibly be the greatest contest we have ever had.

If it is a fitasc in all but name, who are they going to use as ref's


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