Cartridge misfires ?

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Sep 24, 2023
My 3 month old 694, has now had 4 misfires from slab of CompX....

Is it likely to be an issue wiith my gun or cheap percussion caps from Hull ?
Iv had issues with Hull Sporting100 having a what I can only describe as a slow incomplete burn ? Muted noise from the gun low recoil and filthy barrels. Had issues with maybe 20 odd out of 2 slabs. Friend also had issues with 24g Superfast. The brass was being pushed from the end of the cartridge when it was being ejected.
The first thing I’d check is if the primers are steel or brass. Steel primers are known to chip firing pins and cause fail to fires.
I have a 525s brand new and had the same issue with comp x 28s had quite a few out of a slab. I gave the gun a good clean including the firing pins etc and touch wood I haven't had any since, use mostly comp x 28/21s

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