Yildiz Pro Black.

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Nov 25, 2011
North Licolnshire
I popped into my rfd the other day and whilst in there a chap came in to look at a 20g Yildiz and as it was quite busy, I got the keys and took out the said gun BUT while the chap was looking at the little 20, my eye caught another which I took out, it looks like a perazzi but I am sure it does not handle like one however this one was a s/h 30'' with adjustable stock and the stock was very pretty indeed.  The grip felt superb sitting in the shoulder very very well. 

My first though was that this might just be spot on for my wife who is going to be looking for another gun soon, as we know it is Turkish build but the finish is really rather nice, decent wood to metal fit so the question has to be asked........................... has anyone any feedback on these guns and in particular the 'Pro' series. Yildiz used to be a cheap and cheerful gun years ago but they certainly on initial viewing appear to have got things right.


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I’ve had a play with a couple of Yildiz guns and have to say I was very surprised at how good they are. I was expecting them to be pretty average but they aren’t, the ones I tried have been well balanced nicely finished and very shootable. Time will tell on the reliability question but if I was looking for a cheap gun they would certainly be on my list 

I had a pro black grade 4 12b for a year from new, 30" adjustable stock, which unlike my Browning never moved when set. It came with 7 chokes 5 flush and 2 external. I purchased another extended 1/2 choke from Yildiz.   £25. I put 9000 cartridges through it and didnt have any problems at all

The woodwork was superb, the finish leaves a little to be desired but a quick wire wool and oil sorted that. Recoil was no problem even with Black Gold through it. Mine took 25grams of lead in the back end to balance it. Everybody that shot it commented on how smooth it shot and how it looked for  £1800. 

If I hadnt had to swap shoulders for shooting I would still have it.

Today I met up with a friend to shoot at Cockets Farm near Ollerton, Sherwood Forest area to have a shoot but also to test the Pro Black. In order to be fair, I put light mod / mod chokes in the CG and half and half in the Yildiz, using Eley Superb 9 shot in the main with the odd 7.5 shot where required but each gun had the same cartridges.  Each stand was shot using both guns and to be quite honest only one stand caught me out with the Yildiz unlike the CG however we were talking to a couple of other shooters with me thinking this stand was so easy that they were 8 targets in the bag so I didn't give them the attention they needed ..................silly old bugger.

My wife was not with me, ladies day in Edwinstow, clothes shops, coffee bars and women's interest shops however we will be either popping over to Beverley clay ground (East Yorks Gun Club) at some point this week as the gun, if it suits her will be for her, not me.

A brief conclusion is that this gun performed just as well as the CG in my opinion, in fact it was really nice to shoot, very positive  handling breaking the clays well with a number turning to dust, I noticed how much better the palm swell fitted my hand giving a very good grip indeed, the forend again was a good positive feel / grip making a comfortable pairing of stock and forend.  I liked the adjustable comb which didn't really need cranking up for me although my wife will need extra height and a slight move to the right gave me a perfect set up. One thing I noticed was that the top lever really needed to be fully pushed over to release the barrel not that this was an issue just the feel of a new gun. 

         It would be stupid to say my review is anything more than a first impression but as a first impression, I can only say that I would be happy to shoot one although I am very happy with the CG at present but 32'' barrels would be in prefrence to the 30'' barrels I have now. 



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