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ShootClay Admin

ShootClay Admin
Jan 27, 2011

The West London FITASC Series for 2014 has been finalised now... I did one of these last year, and will definitely be back this year. 

Dates are:

  • Wednesday 26th February 2014
  • Wednesday 26th March 2014
  • Wednesday 21st May 2014
  • Wednesday 25th June 2014
Let me know if you are in - would be good to see some ShootClay members involved here. 


Thanks for the info Matt. Probably try one of these with my girlfriend! as she mainly shoots FITASC now. Been practising my gun down so should be ready to give it a go in March. Jx

I have called twice now in two weeks and told both times they are not taking entries yet as they have not sorted out the entry fee

Chubby sort it out me old friend


We were having to change the dates due to the Worlds and Dubai, so can no one else add any more shoots!!!! £65 and you get to talk to me for nothing :crazy:

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