Testing Steel brands for Fitasc this Weekend

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Aug 29, 2011
Aachen, Germany
I am off to Weert in Holland again this weekend as we have a forecast of some sunshine which is welcome after the wet week we have had in Germany so far! Myself and a Dutch shooting friend are getting together a series of the most popular Steel Cartridge brands we can find and we are going to do a few tests on some different targets to find the on we prefer the most and what we will be ordering up by the 1000's for next years fixtures here! Hopefully we can take some pics and make some short videos for everyone. Will be interested to see what the outcome is and what will be the chosen shell for the year.Will keep you posted! Glen /wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif

I don't think you'll find better than Black Gold steel -- I hope you try them out and let us know what you think of them . Nige

Already tried them mate and they will not be in my test! The recoil these give is ridiculous!There is no way I could shoot a season of fixtures with these! I have shot 36 gram 5's that are lighter on the shoulder.I have no doubts they get fantastic breaks but for me I can't cope with the recoil factor.The aim of the test will be to take into account recoil as well, obviously this will be my own personal test and be designed around what I need from it.I have decided to make a complete test sheet and to rate each cartridge from 1-5 (1 being poor and 5 being excellent) based on how I feel it performs for me on 5 seperate tests i will select. I am going to test them on some set targets short, med, long and I should be able to gain a accurate range in Metres from the ground manager if needed hopefully by range finder. For example Test 1 = Skeet High House from middle peg. x 5 single shots at 5 of the same targets from each different brand this test will give a good example of how they perform for a standard crosser. Obviously ratings will be based on my opinion and the same Gun will be used and same choke for all as I always shoot the same. Glen.

Obviously cost will be a factor as well depending on performance should be interesting. /wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif

While being at risk of attracting howls of derision and the condemnation of the converted - I would not fire 'steel' cartridges through someone elses' gun, never mind my own. Good luck to those who do, you have fallen for the biggest con since the Trojan horse, but keep firing and we'll see whose right in the fullness of time.

Problem is for Glen its either shoot steel or not shoot /wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-frown.gif

Glenicus can you see if you can report back on the feel of how fast these are into the target please.  I don't mean velocity but whether they feel the same as lead on getting to distant birds in an instant, or can you tell in other words that the steel shot slows down so much faster it's noticeable./wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-smile.gif

wylye, Ed & optima,Don't forget that Glen is based in Germany and is shooting in the Netherlands.  Lead shot is banned completely certainly in Holland and I think, most of Germany, if you won't shoot steel in those countries you don't shoot - full stop.I don't think for one minute anyone, given a free choice, would willingly pick steel inplace of lead but in virtually all of Northern Europe there is no choice - lead is banned.I shot with Glen in Holland this year, Eley VIP steel 28g 7's and was expecting them to be both hard on the shoulder, ineffective and I'd spend most of my time dodging the richochets!  I was wrong on all three counts!!  I am 100% in favour of lead and even with a negative price difference I would buy lead every time but when the lead shot ban comes to the UK and come it will, I will switch to steel confident that I can continue with the sport that I love with very little difference. Don't get me wrong, I believe that lead is the best material available and will defend that to anyone but banning lead would be the same as banning fox-hunting, an sop to the green lobby and the great un-educated masses with impact only on a few, when the socialists are next in government it will happen. Mr PotterPS Glen, am looking forward to your report but can hardly wait for Dorhout Mees next year/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif

I would never put steel through any of my guns. If lead was banned here I would take up syncro swimming!!!!I am with Ian. It is crap.

Nicola said:

I would never put steel through any of my guns. If lead was banned here I would take up syncro swimming!!!! I am with Ian. It is crap.
 Nicola,if you won't put steel through your guns can I ask you two questions?a) How do you know it's crap?  B) I take it you never shoot waterfowl then. Mr Potter

Oh my, the image of Nic in a swimming cap with a nose clip is too much /wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif Might even be worth writing to my MP to demand a lead ban just to see that /wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif

Mr P......  ok just this once I will give you answers.....you naughty boy....../wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-wink.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-wink.gif Not that you should be seeking to change my point of view.....because it is my point of view......like it or not/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-wink.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-wink.gifa) I read and talk about it with fellow competition shooters and fellow game shooters in all the countries that I currently shoot in around the world. I also know from various countries federations / or their shooters etc what problems they have had with it.....from barrel bulges, saw mill problems, land contamination, ricochets etc etc  not to mention 'deals done out of court' on damage to expensive guns! (I will of course not be putting anything in details about that on here/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif) B) No I do not like getting that wet. I have never been interested in Wild fowling. When, on the very very odd occasions, I am forced to shoot ducks......I use the EU rules.....just like the French do ......and I am not saying on here either just what that is.....but all 'experienced' game shots will know /wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif Look Mr P........it is a free world....you shoot what you want......but please do not try to convince me that a) steel is ok in a good quality gun or B) that it 'works well' to my liking further than skeet range......as it would be a complete waste of breath.I am not stopping anyone else from shooting it or even snuggling up in bed with it and have an all night Tom Hanks with it should they choose/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-surprised.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-surprised.gif........just don't ring me!!If my view differs from someone elses on here........so be it ......it is a chat forum............That is my view........and endless chat on a forum will not change it/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif. Good luck Glen with your testing. I would hate to live in a country that is forced to use steel. Fuzzy..........did I not say that I would be doing it 'my way' in a wet suit with a snorkle and flippers and one of those shark guns that fires arrows......might liven it up a bit and make it more of an Olympic sport.......at the minute it just looks like a load of clones posing and not making much of a splash!!!!/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-cool.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-cool.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-cool.gif

Ok Happy campers..... Firstly my first experience with shooting Steel was Dorhout Mees at the Dutch Grand Prix,It is a fact that the kills you get with lead are noticeably better.I have probably shot about 1000 Steel shells at clays now out here and I noticed this even more so when I came back and shot lead again at Steve's Westfield Fitasc the kills I got with lead are just noticeably better.However evryone around that course would have been broken with Steel! In regards to speeds hammy I think you are just being your usual numpty self! /wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gifAt Dorhout people were talking about giving targets more lead and silly things like this to allow for speed!I changed nothing it is that tiny a difference it is not even worth thinking about! It is also a fact that the targets out here are definitely not thrown at the distances that we are use to at Fitasc in UK. Maximum I have seen give or take 60-70yds.  In regards to shooting it through your gun? I am no expert on that but I would think most modern guns there should be no issue and I have heard of no issues from anyone out here as yet! In my opinion it is just scare rumours! Just like when everyone thought you couldn't kill a Fitasc target with anything less than 36gram! Now people are shooting 24 grams etc!...and a helice one for that matter! I asked a few Dutch guys about that and they laughed at me like I was insane! You will break clays at distance with them! Fact! Of course not as well as lead though. The main point for the UK shooter is we have always shot lead if it were to change to steel then game shooting would suffer plus the evidence out there revovling around lead is a joke. I do not blame anyonefor the strong opinions against and i would not want to shoot it all the time in UK either if there is a better alternative to do the job! I am afraid it kills clays though.The other point worth mentioning is out here the steel is more noticeably more expensive than steel in UK in some cases you can save 10 pounds per thousand shells!!! Why? Once again captive audience the shooter is an easy target and has no alternative. Be under no illusions here if you had to convert to Steel the prices would continue to rise!  Glen.

I realise that glen has no option, and yes steel is better than nothing of course. I was merely going on my experiences with it- fine for close/med work, although as Glen says lacking in smoke past 30yards. Long stuff, especially bunnies I found it very poor.Just my thoughts! And on the speed front, as ever, I couldn't tell any difference and my sight pics were what I normally see.

Yeah I think your under estimating it slightly Ed, by far the best shell on the market for Steel I would say is the Black Gold by Gamebore however this is like shooting a Mini Mag it kicks that badly! That is why tomorrow I will be experimenting with some of the other available.I would say you can get convincing breaks up to 60yards no smoking past 40yds max. Past 60yrds you will get breaks and you can break the clays but no where near as convincing as lead. I agree totally about the sight pictures exactly the same and people read to much into that! Be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, Video camera should be on hand as well. Glen.

Every shooter who says steel is sh*t and never shot it proper before is a joke.Lead will kill on longer range but your just 1 big ***** laugh if you’re too afraid to shoot steel and say its rubbish.In Holland we not allowed to shoot lead but for sure we have no trouble shooting 195 out of 200 on a proper FITASC match (dutch standards) And I have been to the shoot on Westfield on the first of October and I bet the Dutch top will shoot the same scores 140-150 no troubles at all steel kill it no problem some people are to ignorant to try different  things.


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