Pilla -why so dear?

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Yes but people love to buy fake Rolexes and there's a roaring trade in fake fashion gear and Perfumes, someone should do it
Or maybe want the protection and possible optical benefits without spending thick end of a thousand quid ?
There are usually plenty of "pre loved " for sale so someone else has taken the hit 👍
I use Pilla's but I have spent around £250 on 2 frames and 4 lenses, all off fleabay. I did buy 2 or 3 more lenses, but having found the colours that work for me, I have kept those and re sold the rest. My go to lens is a 40, I find that suits me the best, at the grounds that I visit.
I have been using Pilla Outlaw X6 for about three years now. I originally bought Boost Kit from Pacific Sporting Arms but, since then, sold 2 lenses (45MAX, 60HC) and added 3 (76HC, 26ED, 10ED). The clarity is unmatched and color processing is like no other, in my opinion. Plus, no other brand will give you so many color choices to match your own color perception. Worth every penny! I only wish I would buy them earlier.

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