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Aug 26, 2012
I decided to have my tired Miroku barrels re blacked. Took them to a local gunsmith who sent them to be blacked. He ended up sending them away twice as the finish was awful. I was told that due to some issue with the barrels, a good finish was impossible. 
Well I simply didn’t believe it so I started to look around for a different gunsmith.

I ended up taking my barrels to Pat Croft, he and his colleague Luke looked at the barrels, told me what the real problem was, and told me they would be sorted in a couple of weeks. Nine days later they were done and they look bloody marvellous! 
They did what was supposedly impossible. 
Pat served his time with Holland & Holland, he operates from a small workshop in the back of beyond, outside a village called Galhampton in Somerset. 

So if you need a great gunsmith, I can highly recommend Pat and Luke. 


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