New Berretta a400 xcel sporter gray

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David Paul Gag

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Feb 2, 2015
Hello Guys  I

I already have a blue version of the above but fancied buying a Gray as new first gun .

I tuck it out over the weekend (everything seamed very tight) only to find it refusing to recycle the second cartridge A Guy in our group suggested that after loading the second cartridge that I press the carrier stop button witch meant that the cartridge that was in the magazine just deposited its self on top the loading gate .Now this worked and I carried shooting aprox 140 more cartridges all with no problems 

My question is Is there something wrong with my new gun or dose it just need braking in ?

I've owned the blue one for aprox 9 years and never really had a problem with it .   


I've got one of those in 30" havn't had any problems with cycling, maybe try some heavy cartridges to run it in and oil the action, only problem with mine is the barrel is tight in the action 

I've got one of the blue ones, bought from new.  Put 50 36g cartridges through it before doing anything else and have never had any problems with refusing to cycle or jamming.

Ive got the Multitarget and i think the manual suggests firing some 32g cartridges first

I bought the Blue one a few years ago, I just cleaned all the packing grease off it then just racked the action backwards and forwards with an empty gun for about 5 mins.

No problems at all and I only ever used 24gm through it.

I don't think that clay grounds will be happy with 32gm cartridges though. 🙄

If it’s a new gun take it back it’s the seller responsibility to put it right or exchange it for another new gun it’s very strange to hear a Beretta auto refusing to cycle.

Ours needed running in . As per manual. 50 36grms down the farm. Only thing it wouldn't  cycle after that was 65mm case fibres.


Thanks for the response Guys and Girls 

I am a little surprised that no one seems to have had this problem

I have spoke to the gun shop owner  whom Is a respected gunsmith and he  suggested I take the gun out again and see what happens after I have put another hundred or so cartridges through it .So I will give it another go tomorrow at Garlands .See what happens 

thanks a lot again Dave

You must be very unlucky as Beretta autos normally cycle perfectly, I have owned several & have never had a single problem, don’t give up I am sure GMK will sort it ASAP.

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You must be very unlucky as Beretta autos normally cycle perfectly, I have owned several & have never had a single problem, don’t give up I am sure GMK will sort it ASAP.
As already stated I already have a blue one but have just got rid of my o/u so decided to treat my self to a Gray 

I think its just a bad trigger unit ? ☹️ just hope they hurry up and get it back to me 

I have a 1301 which has the same system built in. Never had a single issue. It cycled even cheap low brass 24g from the first day on without running in.

Hi Guys &Girls
Im back again looking for advise again
approximately 15 month ago I started this post and can report that up until a few days ago the new Gray had been faultless but last Saturday she starts striking the cartridges but not firing them 6 times out of 120 (it was -3 deg) so when I got home I gave her a good clean as generally do .
I then tuck her to Garlands this Thursday and on the second stand it happens again only once Im pleased to say but shortly after that she did not eject a second cartridge only the once again I must add .
but it dose "put " you off
Is there any one on here that can advise please !! or as she got to go back to GMK again!!!
please do not say get an O/U
First question is were the cartridges all from the same batch ? If they were my first thought would be try a different cartridge , before looking at the gun .
Thanks for your response In practice I use Lyalvale english sporters and F Blacks for comps over the last 2 year had no problams with iether untill last saturday
There can be an issue with Fiocchi primers which are set in (very) slighter more than other brands so 'short' firing pins can result in misfires.

If it does the same with Lyalvale Sporters however that can probably be discounted.

My daughters Winchester 101 struggled with Fiocchi TT1's but was fine with Gamebore Evos. Perhaps buy a couple of boxes of something else and run them through the gun as a test.

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