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It's always been tedious to use, but I'm not sure what the solution is for the model variant issue - either you leave it open so people can type in their own description, meaning you end up with dozens of versions of the same gun as mentioned above, OR Gun Trader needs to list every main model of gun and make people choose from that predetermined list, which won't always be applicable to the specific gun..

That being. update still feels a bit clunky, some filtering options not working correctly and I'm occasionally getting kicked back to the home page when I click on a listing...
There seems very little housekeeping.
With the number of items listed each day it shouldn't be that hard to keep on top of. Correcting speling misteaks and items listed under the wrong categories and moving the items to a standard or common model category can't be too difficult. How many MK38 grade 1s are there?
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