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Jan 2, 2015
Tunbridge Wells
So, another era comes to an end.  Our beloved Pip has finally gone to the green grass of heaven,  aged just over 13, she had a truly wonderful life and went everywhere with us apart from the last 4 months or so when she wasn’t able to get about.  Feeling very sad and emotional at the moment but I know quite a few on here knew her so thought I’d post it.  Give your dogs an extra cuddle tonight from me. 




So difficult losing your dog and remember so well how I felt, never imagined how sad it made me feel. My current dog is now coming up to 9 and to try and help the next amount of pain a new pup joins us in 4 weeks so hopefully should be some overlap, wether it helps or not is to be seen, best wishes anyway.

Thank you, this is our third dog in a row, 35 years and it doesn’t get any easier. Everywhere I look she’s there! Doesn’t help that our neighbours brought home their new puppy yesterday! 

Condolences I can but only imagine how you feel, I will indeed give mine a big hug in memory of your beloved pip ❤️

heart-breaking     i prefer dogs to humans most of  the time !!     the goodbyes are gut wrenching .  she had 13 loved years ,  best wishes ..  


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