Fitasc Home Inters in Wales today

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Aug 28, 2011
Firstly I would like to offer my most sincere Congratulations to my mate Mick who was FITASC High Gun for Northern Ireland today on 87/100 this is a very special day for Mick as this was his first time shootin FITASC for Northern Ireland and what makes it Even better for him this is the second time as a new cap he has won high gun as he was HG in Sporting the first time he shot for Northern Ireland - that is some achievement and one I'd think that has not been equaled before . Brilliant mate well done you 'got'r done' /wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-cool.gifI think the order of team wins was England HG 95, Ireland,Wales,Northern Ireland and after that I'm not sure yet.This is a brilliant day for Mick - I hope you all share this with him when comes back on site (hopefully tomorrow night)  Nigel

I heard from Mick today for a few minutes he was sayin he was again high gun (joint) again today for Northern Ireland with a 86 in the poring rain at the Open Fitasc shoot, I'm honestly sure of too many other scores so I'll not say anything until we the the right way of things But congrats again to Micky as he's had a brilliant weekend by anyone's standards I hope this helps him believe in himself a bit more — well done mate /wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-cool.gif Oh and btw Ed I've been told Northern Ireland will be holdin the 2012 Home Inters Fitasc, the ground is called Derryboye GC which I have to say is my favorite ground in Northern Ireland, it's set in a large heath land setting with a lot of trees,bushes & ferns etc & it's in a very natural setting, the guys that run it have great vision and are not afraid of hard work in the effort they make to run a shoot whether it be a 50 or a 100 bird shoot registered or not, it should be well worth the effort to attend. Nige 

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well im home about 2 hours ago now, thanks for the kind words guys appreciate it. yesterday the weather was perfect for shooting, warm and sunny with next to no breeze to speak off. today was not as kind however as it pissed down, excuse my language, and it definitely cost me at least 3 birds to be honest but i cant complain, it was the same for everybody. both shoots ran very smoothly with no holdups to speak off and the refs were excellent to. i would give a bigger write up but i am clean knackered after some gun problems at bristol airport and a mad dash to catch the plane, that coupled with 2 consecutive nights of very patchy sleeping is not a good combo. but all in all i thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend/wp-content/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif

Top man well done!!! Yes nige am thinking of trying for the fitasc team as need something new to get my teeth into i think, have left fitasc alone for too long. Will only do the domestic stuff, the only way we might see decent targets! Roll o Ireland 2012


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