England Selection Shoots

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Jeremy Baker

Well-known member
Feb 17, 2012
It seems the same grounds have the selection shoots over again. 

Maybe a few swapped from Eng and GB selections but they are all the same in a roundabout way. 

I wish a few more grounds would step in for Selection shoots. 

I guess the more you do the less the variety of grounds.  

Is it not "Premier /Premier plus grounds only?????

Sorry! I was thinking English Sporting!

Jeremy..your wrong mate !!

Barrow Heath are not having any CPSA FITASC team selection shoots next year.......

The BICTSF shoots are awarded after a tender process (assuming anyone wants to tender for them under previous tems !!)

ESP selection shoots are done on a anti clockwise rotational basis through the regions... 

Just saying !!!   :angel: :angel:

Why Am I wrong?

I was stating it seems the same grounds had the Eng sel shoots which they do. 

Nothing about the BICTSF 

Why Have you quoted that David. 

My post is about England selection shoots 

Not GB Selection shoots 

Thanks for your input