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Aug 5, 2023
Hello All,
Apols, should have introduced myself before posting.
Been shooting for "quite a few years" and mostly been shooting a Browning Ultra XS 28" from 2014, which I think is an absolutely lovely gun.
Having shot a borrowed 30" Beretta 692, I decided it might be time I got into the 1990s and bought a 30" 694, after all this seems to be the minimum length of barrel for sporting clays these days. Of course it would instantly make me shoot better and up my scores significantly. Err, well no actually. Fair to say I've needed a few outings to get comfortable with the gun and the different handling characteristics, but a few customisations; lighter chokes, change to the stock weights etc. and I think I'm starting to gel a lot better with it now.
Joined the forum to learn and get the views of more experienced (and better) shots.

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