Westfield, Glos and H&W CC August 2022

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Aug 25, 2012
Been donkeys since shot FITASC and no I didnt do any prep nor practice a full gun down set up, heading for a fall is understatement. Shot in the afternoon, blisteringly hot and arc weld bright, had a pair of near blackout Oakleys and still had to oft squint a bit. Some chums in squad and will admit if it wasnt our county shoot Id passed, not oft shoot CCs but Westfield is nearly on doorstep so thought Id support it. As before not practiced the low gun hold and boy did it throw me, add a few wrong hold points, well more than a few, double up with my tendency to be nowhere near most l-rights and a long day in the sun was had. Yes I did find some of the bigger birds, missed loads too, my fixed in skeet choke nowhere near man enough for the job in hand a further handicap. Nowt at all horrid target wise, rest of squad hitting everything it seemed, me should really have prepared. I mostly followed a very good shot in Richard Webb whose 88 is tying for HG, made a lot look very hittable 👏

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