Helice Ground in the South West - pie in the sky

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Nov 3, 2011
As per the title, what would be the appetite for a Helice Ring in the South West? 

Is this Pie in the Sky or would there generally be enough of an interest to actually sustain this discipline in the South West?I've shot Helice at A1SG and found it to be great fun, but it's a fair way to go! 

Guess the biggest issue, as always with starting a new Ground, would be find suitable Land to run it on! ?

I am sure if you finance it there are a few grounds that will welcome you, it`s all about finances, and time . It takes ages to shoot, and costs a fortune for equipment and targets !

Yup JimW, its pretty expensive set up to get going! The last time that I inquired about a ring (around 2011) the cost a a 5 trap layout was going to be around 31k (Euro) without any shipping to the UK. That was without even buying any targets! Probably be better off investing in DTL or ESP!


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