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Nov 14, 2017
Somewhere oop t’north , perhaps
IMG_6917.jpegIMG_6918.jpegIMG_6919.jpegLong story short , 40 years ago I bought a Hilux . I always liked it , it was the Top Gear spec , used it to facilitate renovations on  a big old Yorkshire farmhouse down a track on a hillside .

The Last 6 years have been a whirlwind for me  , retired at 60 , widowed , covid , downsized  reached state pension , remarried ! After that lot I deserved a treat , so I’ve bought another Hilux for shooting , fishing , and well just because I could . Ordered 20 months ago on the BASC scheme , before prices went up and BASC discounts were cut drastically. 

I’ve just got back from a trip down to Alcester  , to GearMate to have the truck bed fitted out with a drawer system . I’m really pleased with the engineering of this product , particularly the fact that they’ve 3d scanned all the vehicles they fit to and produced mounting bracket systems that don’t require the vehicles to be drilled . ( a lot of alternative systems do need drilling ! ) 

So the end result is great , two  lockable drawers , one undivided will swallow up a few guns , one divided for organising , a slide I’m going to mount plastic baskets on , and a couple of storage bins .  The system will still take 400kg on top .  I’ve still got space for a single dog box , but wife Mk2 will need working on for that one . 

GearMate can fit out 4x4s , SUVs , Trucks , estate cars , well worth looking at if you fancy organising your vehicle , 


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