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Main news is that sadly a Portugese competitor collapsed and died on the Beretta layout this a.m. a 55 year old male, I was told.

 Rain overnight left conditions a bit slippery, but nothing like 2 years ago. Just a short shower this morning whilst shooting underway.

2 straights on Gamebore today, one from Venerio Spada who also shot 25 on Blaser (and set the targets) the other from Andras of Hungary



Thats very sad news Leigh hope it hasn't cast  a shadow over proceedings , I see from the scores that some of the brits are in the mix at the top of the scores please continue to keep us informed many thanks  :thumbsup:

We heard from a friend out there about it, very sad indeed, so young too.  Thoughts are with his family.  

Target setters should be out on the course checking and seeing to the running of the shoot!  It is morally

Wrong to shoot your own targets! Hell of an advantage?

From reading the individuals score sheets I imagine that pegs 1 & 2  are all bread and butter targets, stand 3 a little stiffer and stand 4 is where they take the targets off you? Not my type of shoot but I'm not there!  I wonder how the full and full choke boys are doing?


Only seen Gamebore, it has a monster teal on 1, peg 2 are at 35 metres, on 3 I have the extreme target, and 4 has a good long crosser, and a good variety inbetween on all stands.

Shot my peg with Robert Evans 34'' Kreigoff 3/4 in both barrels and straighted it.

Weather good today, not too hot. Hot sun forecast tomorrow.

Beretta have sponsored a shoot this evening for a car, some of the UK shooters will feature, but not sure who. A nice shower was more appealing.



Leigh, looking at the score cards as they come in! all the ones I went through had no misses on peg One and two?

Some great shooting there. Josh Bridges is facing some tough cookies tomorrow. Fingers crossed, hope he pulls it through...


You must be looking at the scores off the FITASC website that shows all kills first followed by all losses. No way can one person (Marco) transpose all the scores to show which individual targets shooters missed. Only with the electronic scoring used in compak can it be done


Oh! Silly me, ipI thought it was funny that no one had missed their first target out? Not a lot of sense in publishing that!It gives a false impression of the targets! It's of NO advantage to show these sheets!

Why do the top men's and ladies shooters not shoot in the british team ? There were quite a number finishing higher placed than the ones in the teams !

The top USA shooters shoot for there country when required and always look united together helping each other and always look very smart 

Is there a reason why we cannot follow the example set by the Americans ? 

Perhaps we should also ask Martin Myers why he doesn't shoot for Wales ?

It's been a long standing issue in the UK, perhaps we are not as united as we think.

The Yanks are very good at teamwork and promoting themselves , a real sense of patriotism.

But 13 Brits in the top 20 is not too shabby.

Let's see how we do at EJ Churchills in two weeks time when the Yanks , French , Dutch , and Italians turn out in force ?

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Do we think also that the USA team are supported better both in getting to and from places and financially?  Whilst I would love for Martin to shoot for Wales I don't blame him at all for choosing England.  My only interaction with the Welsh shooting association has yielded absolutely no response whatsoever to my few enquiries.

I thought we put forward excellent teams and they all did extremely well.  They after all made the effort to attend selection shoots and there is not one person on any of the GB teams that can't shoot well.  They made a financial commitment too to attend shoots and then get out there when chosen.  Some extremely big names have been there and done that and got the T shirt.


 Martin is a lovely man , but like so many shooters with dual nationality , if they are good enough to shoot for England they will because funding is better .

I have been told that funding for the Welsh team is very little .

But as you so rightly say , those that choose to go for selection show a great amount of determination and self belief and it proves to be a very costly exercise .

The American team used to have a lady who was a brilliant fund raiser and team manager , she left and organised the PSCA shoots because once again the national organisation was willing to flog a willing horse .

I certainly think it is a great honour to represent your country and once selected you should be able to represent your country at little or no cost to yourself.

No I have not got rose tined Pilla's.

A few post shoot comments

The opening ceremony was held in Todi, some 18 miles from the shooting ground, and was a late notification for many. However it proved to be a splendid setting right in the centre. Palankis defended the distance from the ground saying it was important that we show the locals what lovely people shooters are and we should not hide away on the shooting ground, which I thought was a good point.

There was a few moans about the amount of loopers shown, but I suppose it also depended on what traps Promatic sent. Did not hear of any trap breakdowns throughout.

As for the GB teams, selection is an open and transparent process. It gives people like Robert a chance to shoot in the team after many years of supporting the GB selection shoots, and he acquitted himself very well.

Special mention for young Emma (new cap) and Lucy in the Ladies team along with Pet, bringing home the gold. Lucy after a disappointing first 100, shot a 41 followed by a great 45 to help secure the gold by one clay.

For me it was one of the very best shoots I had refereed in the 22 years I have been doing Internationals. I had a lovely stand , worked with a great team and was well looked after. It was just a shame they only had a surprising 570 entries.



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