Commonwealth Games (it's becoming a joke)

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Dec 10, 2013

Horrified yesterday when I saw that E Sports( or not sports)  had been run as a test event  for inclusion in future games and proper sport such as Archery and Shoorting which are about as inclusive a sport as you can get have been dropped.

A petition has been set up. Link above to support shooting events.

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Gladly sign the petition but I think shooting sports will be dropped from both the commonwealth and Olympics for good. They are both not interested in sport as such just, what will bring in more TV money. It's not just shooting, other sports are being considered as they just don't get the viewing figures, even though they have a large participation in that sport worldwide.

How squash has never been an Olympic sport has always left me totally and utterly bemused. Utter madness how some these sports, or 'events' as they are now more accurately referred to, get selected.

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What really amazes me is the fact that one of these "esports" they want to include is football.   An actual sport . Yes, you too can now  be a elite sportsman from the comfort of your own bed/sofa/armchair without even getting dressed , while munching on a family sized bucket of KFC. WTF. I'll tell you what, lets just chin off the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, issue everyone with a Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum (1980s computers for the non geeks) and sit there playing Daley Thompson's Decathlon or Track and Field for 2 weeks straight.

I know for any type shooting sport you don't need to be in peak condition to be good, but at least we're outside having a go........

Edit  - scrap them two games - HyperSports is what we're playing. At least we've then got skeet and archery.

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