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Sep 24, 2023
Afternoon gents.....

Based near Leighton Buzzard, so AGL, Drayton Parslow about the closest grounds to me.

I used to clay shoot regularly back in the early 90s, but life then got in the way....

I have just started to shoot again after over 9 years, and Im really enjoying it again.

Trying to forget about the costs compared to back then.

Currently have my old faithfull Silver Pig, which Ive owned for about 20 years.

Thinking about something newer/better. Want to try a 694/687EELL/692 Black....
Welcome! Glad to hear there's possibilities for an act two after a decade or two of other concerns :)

Enjoy the forum most of all. If you want info on the various Beretta options, there's a lot on here. For just getting back into things, I'd suggest sticking with the SP at first and upgrading when you've decided on the reasons 'why' you want a new gun, and then having your new gun scratching the right itchy spots.

Of your stated choices my only "meh" is prompted by the 687 EELL, as I personally don't believe that to be any better (although, prettier) than a standard 686. Internals are all the same, with the 687 being a bit lighter if I recall correctly (but not on your wallet). Between clays, shells and engraving I'd know what to spend my money on. Have a peek through my posts if you want to hear good things about the 692 Black. It doesn't have the best reputation, but I don't think that's deserved. Best of luck and many broken clays!
Thanks Luke…

The EELL was a gun I always wanted and could never afford, I’m aware it’s not the best now a days.

692 Black looks good I agree…. But I plan to take my time and not buy until the spring I think….
I have a 694 and love it. I would only change it for something ridiculous like a DT11 Black Edition. It's an amazing clay gun for a reasonable price (relatively). That's all just my opinion of course.

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