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Doctor Lecter

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Feb 3, 2013
grantham lincs
i like the look of the new 725 silver medallion great package from browning i am told only 150 guns coming to the uk be tough getting my hands on one ?
How about a 725 action body , but with a proper 525 style recoil trigger set up , add an in your face engraving style and a bit of nice wood … I only went in to get a gun valued and walked out with this after trading .. IMG_7574.jpeg628FAB80-C56C-491C-B8C9-EDE54505CC6F.jpeg
wow that is top gun porn beauty !!!
A shade on the light side for the serious clay shot , and it would need the auto-safe removing . But it wasn’t bought for clays , Browning/ Miroku are bring out some cracking models. I could have spent hours in the shop there were hundreds of guns from every manufacturer at every price you could imagine . Good job I’m not a serial trader . 😁

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