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Dutch Grand Prix.

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3 hours ago, Olesarge said:

I was of the understanding FITASC New Style was the same Internationally.  3 traps per 2 stands 4 stands per 25.  I guess 3 traps per stand and 4 stands per 25 would work faster.  Still will not be faster than 5 targets per 3 trap stand where 5 squads can shoout at same time.


Its as my reply to Jim, one single from each trap, 3 stands throwing one double and 1 stand throwing 2 doubles.

On ‎07‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 4:20 PM, leighH said:

The format for new system now is for 15 singles and 5 doubles.

In the case of  4 stand layout, there will be 4 No machines on 3 stands with a 4th stand having only 3 machines, making 15 in all. However only one stand of the 4 will throw 2 doubles.

For the worlds with an entry over a 1,000 they may go to 5 stands, all with 3 targets for singles and one double. May even have to stay in hoop to shoot the double.

Don't mix up English Sporting targets with FITASC sporting. Whilst English Sporting courses here are not made up of a lot of extreme targets, they do still feature. Good course designers however use their skills to present targets that appear straightforward but fool the shooter. FITASC sporting here features plenty of tough targets.

Yes Australia has some fine shots, Damien, Johny Younger & Chris Brown to name 3 up there with the best, all have gained plenty of international experience. Johny was over for the World sporting & FITASC last year, and told me how it took a while and sharpened him up to shoot the UK targets because they were so deceiving.



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