B&P Nationls 28g

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I swapped exclusively to the 28g version about 7 months ago from being a long time White Gold user, they are definitely smoother with less perceived recoil to me, although I must say I never found the WG’s as thumpy as some others. They certainly inspire confidence with their performance.
From memory the velocities are supposedly slightly less than the WG’s but it has made no difference to my lead requirements, I do still keep a couple of slabs of the WG QS’s for the fibre only shoots, and do pick up on the difference when I do.
Luckily, availability has been ok, with Greenfields superb service & always getting them in for me, for only a few ££ more than the WG’s.
Was given a couple of boxes of these , have to say thought they were pretty dam good, lovely and smooth great kills and clean. Was thinking about using them all the time until I saw the price.
Have got a flat of B&P 28Ga shells of the same name. Box is different and lists shot weight as 3/4 oz or 22g, velocity not listed on box or carton. They have a plastic wad AFAIK.