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Gunsite results for 13th November 2022

sean the sheep

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Thank you to all who came today, and for the staff who worked so hard.  Below are the results for you all:

Highgun   R King, S Gamblen, D Evans 99

AA/     3rd M Langford 98

           Joint 4th S Emms, M Myers 97

A/       1st S Goody 96

          2nd R Honour 94

          3rd T Connolly 93

          Joint 4th R Clayton, R Pike 92

B/      1st D Probert 92

          2nd A Evans 90

         Joint 3rd M Pani, M Thorne 89

 C/    1st A Hunt 88

         2nd S Palmer 86

         Joint 3rd J Adams-Foord, A McWhirter, J Moor, D Upton 85

Juniors/   1st J Poyser 91

                Joint 2nd B Eastman, T Thornell 90

We are open for practice next Sunday at Hangman's Stone.  £33 100 clays and 16's and under shoot for free.  Hope to see you there! 

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