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Hangman's Stone Sporting Clays 100 registered results for the 25th October 2020

sean the sheep

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Thank you to all who came to our first 100 registered competition since taking over Four Counties at the beginning of the month, and below are the results:

High Gun - R King 96

AA/ Joint 1st - N Portlock, M Hance, S Usher 94

       4th - C Waite 93

A/ 1st - N Hales 88

     2nd - N Riley 87

     Joint 3rd - O Wyatt, P Brown, M Fletcher, S Pinker 86

B/ 1st - C Goodman 81

     2nd - A Poyser 80

    3rd - J Clough 79

    4th - M Edwards 78

C/ 1st - J Poyser 87

    2nd - S Black 71

    3rd - B Clough 70

    4th - M Waring 68

We are open for 100 practice on Sunday 1st November, so if you fancy another go at the targets just get in touch to book a space..


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