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For sale: BH Eye Dominance Rail (aluminum) £65 worth £104.95


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Ben Husthwaite right handed aluminum eye dominance rail - used but completely unmarked.


Retails at £104.95 incl. postage. This is the aluminium version.


£65 inc. postage if required. 


Note: the strip of 3M tape used to fix the rail to the rib will likely need to be replaced given that it was already used.

Seen here: https://www.benhusthwaite.co.uk/product/eye-dominance-rail/




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2 minutes ago, bisondan said:

Not the magic answer this claims to be?

Hmm for many people seemingly yes, for me I don’t need it so don’t want to introduce any further complexity unnecessarily.   

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erm, obvious question... why buy it then?!

Not needing it would imply you don't have wrong eye dominance? Like me buying a left handed gun.

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