To Choke Or Not ?

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My apologies life work bank holiday etc. anyway it shoots fantastic. Just like it always did to be fair. I don’t share other sentiments about the trigger I don’t find it uncomfortable in the slightest in fact since having the chequering redone the new sharpness of that and the trigger do give the gun an over all stuck in the hand type feel. The wood is amazing it’s dark and light and deep it looks like it’s been dipped in glass. The gun patterns well. Marginally better than previous although it is now choked differently but the pattern is far more uniform. The new lower barrel hanger make it feel like it shoots more generically like most sporting guns as it felt incredibly flat to shoot prior. In summary it shoots and looks amazing. It no longer looks like the 35+ year old gun it is. I had to move the trigger forward a mm or so compared to the previous one and the comb has been lowered slightly as I was doing so re adjusting slightly the first time of shooting. Have said that I have been shooting a plethora of different guns in the 7 weeks or so which could mean my mount relating to this gun has suffered somewhat.

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Great to hear, mate. You’ve done an old gun very proud and it’s looking great. Enjoy
Had the DPD man genuinely fist a parcel through the letterbox this morning. Any other time I would have been furious but as I came down stairs I noticed through the box a certain choke manufacturers logo 😂 😝

They have been redone and they are flawless. I’m sure having an extra 20 odd mm of choke will make all the difference 😂


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