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ShootClay Admin

ShootClay Admin
Jan 27, 2011
Hi all,

After 11 years - I've agreed to sell Shootclay Forum.   I'm proud of what we built here, and whilst I once had time to run a forum AND shoot every weekend, my circumstances have changed.   Moving country meant it was tricky to carry on shooting - and my new job and some different responsibilities mean that running the forum is no longer possible. 

The great news is that the forum is being taken over by a company that specialise in running communities like this - so whilst things might change a bit around here, I'm confident that it will be for the better - less advertising, more content and a growing community.   

The forum remains open. 

I really enjoyed my little part in the Clay Shooting world - I never got past C-Class, but I was AA in making some decent friends and having a lot of fun. 

I do want to the members that supported and contributed all the way through - you know who you are, but especially fallen members Hamster/Hamid,  TeePee/Tony, 40Up/Fred and Optima.    

A final thanks and best wishes to everyone that I met in person, or who bought a shirt/cap or who pressed a fiver in my hands to support this when it was very young.   

Take care,

Shootclay Admin - Matt

[email protected] if anyone wants me! 

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