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Jun 16, 2024
Hi folks, I have just acquired a lovely MK38 grade 1 Trap gun but it shoots too high for me. Rather than tamper with the stock I wondered if there was anyone out there with a Sporting stock which may be looking to swap? Regards, Jay.
Here you go.
Are you sure it is an MK38 ? It looks very much like a 3800, especially with the Monte Carlo stock and the long tang trigger guard. I had an identical gun for around 17 years, that was a 3800. I could be wrong. It is worth checking though, as an MK 38 stock would not fit the 3800 action.
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Hi Westley, thanks for the heads up and I see what you mean but it says MK38 TRAP on the bottom. Do you have any suggestions?
I might be completely wrong, but didn't some of the early model MK38's (as well as some 425's) come with the long trigger tang? Either way a current model MK38 stock wouldn't be a straight switch and would be unlikely to fit your gun. Have you checked the date of your serial number to find out the year it's of manufacture?

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