Kreighoff K80 Potential Purchase

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Jun 24, 2023
So currently shooting a caesar guirini apex and enjoying it but I’m hankering for something new. Well new to me atleast. I’m looking at probably a k80 super sport and getting rid of the apex. What should I look for anything important in regards to the Kreighoff ? Are the none chromed barrels an issue ? Those that have one are you cleaning them every outing ? Thanks in advance
I’ve got a 40 year old K80 with the Dural lightweight action . The barrel steel is Bohler antinit . It’s a quality that you will not get on bread and butter guns , you find it on the likes of Beretta SO . The bores of the gun are pristine . After shooting I just run a paradox cleaner( sheep o a stick ) through it after a spray with Legia or similar ,thorough cleaning perhaps 3 or 4 uses , which can be weeks as I prefer shooting Miroku .

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