DT10 Trap Conversion

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Jun 27, 2023
Hello, is a trap gun converted to a sporter worth less than a DT10 that left the factory as a sporter? out of interest. Barrels and stock. i am looking at one and its indeed cheaper, but perhaps its condition year etc rather than the above

I’ve generally found that if you are trying to sell to a dealer then any modification negatively affects the price. If you are buying then it has less impact.
Condition is one of the most important things rather than age. If it’s a DT10 then some of the early ones with lower case writing had double discharge issues, the later ones with upper case Beretta on the action are a better option. The cross bolt should be sticking out a bit from the action and the top lever to the right of centre.
Great guns I have one myself which Tim Greenwood modified for me, a little bit off the comb, reshaped the grip, and took the barrels out to 5/8’s in both.
Don’t know why I don’t use it now as did some of my best shooting with it. Like messing around with different guns too much to my detriment.

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