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Nov 12, 2016
I ran into a peculiar issue the last few times I was out with my DT11 ACS. After firing either barrel, the top lever would go to a half notch position (ie half way between closed and open), and the barrels would unlock after the shot. Because of my fore end grip, it would only break open slightly, but I fired one shot using only one hand/shoulder and the action opened completely. Once I closed the action, it was always tight. No play or wiggle. It was bank vault tight. There was also no play in the top lever and it had full articulation. But after loading one or two more (didn’t matter), it would do the same thing. I thought maybe I was hitting the lever for some reason so I switched shoulders…same result.

After the first time it happened, I cleaned everything up, concentrating on the lockup mechanism but also took apart the ejectors, and trigger. I oiled/greased the appropriate areas and it did it again the next time out.

I’ve owned the gun new since 2017-18 (IIRC) and it’s had 10-15k through it. It’s regularly cleaned and maintained and has never had any issues.

Weird thing is after taking apart the ejectors, removing the trigger and cleaning everything up a second time, it hasn’t happened since. TBH, it wasn’t really that fouled to begin with.

I’m at a loss for what it could be. What I don’t know how to do is take part the top lever. Best I could do was hit it with CLP, swabs, and compressed air but they looked clean.

Crazy thing is I know lots of guys who never clean their guns but a few times a season, that work perfectly, so I can’t imagine a gun like a DT11 that’s meant to be shot, a lot, would be so sensitive to debris.

I’m wondering if it’s the top lever spring that’s starting to weaken, causing it to move during recoil enough to unlock the action.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give that a try next time I’m out. It hasn’t acted up in the last 300-400 rounds, but I’ll try anyway. Maybe I could put a GoPro on it set to slow-mo😁🤷🏻‍♂️
That whoud be my thought, you could try a test shot with your thumb holding the top leaver and see if you can feel any movement?
No don't do that. The movement won't be felt because of the recoil and you will split your thumb open.
I've seen someone do this. Very painful.
If the TL spring has gone soft compare it against another DT or better still, get a gunsmith to look at it.

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