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I am new to the sport (just over two weeks). I got a 1000 hull comp x with my gun. Is this a good cartridge? I understand it's their entry level product but at this stage will I benefit from a better product? The guy in the shop said the lyvale power blue (that my friend shoots). Is £30 more a thousand. I know that's not much diluted over a 1000 but he said you'd be better spending that £30 on a 100 extra clays at the moment. Thoughts please

Pick a pretty colour. At this stage that will be just about as relevant as their alleged velocity and consistency. Take lessons to develop a proper stance, mount and have someone look at your gunfit and technique. Then shoot as much you can to instill those habits - all better things to worry about (and spend your money on) than on the extremely low percentage of "clays that got away because of the cartridge".
I like TT1s - I have hit some surprising stuff with them.

The short ferrule (brass) has causes problems with some ejectors - my daughter's (bought new) 525 will not eject them about 1 in 30.

No problem with my F3 however a 682 Gold I have hates them.

I prefer to pay the extra for the Fblu.

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