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  1. Luke_(NL)

    Passive ear plug query

    I have MSA Sordins, but I believe Peltor also do gel pads for their line-up. Makes a world of difference in terms of comfort in combination with glasses and better protection to boot. As for rave reviews on youtube, you can't but wonder how they all just put in time and effort for naught but...
  2. Luke_(NL)

    Choices! New or SH Usual questions .

    Sure is. I believe Beretta do 12,5 mm extensions that fit between the stock and pad. Wood looks better than I've seen on the few semi's around these parts. Congrats!
  3. Luke_(NL)

    Total Noob 1st Gun

    Good on you. 3 months is not a generous amount of time to really learn to mount, develop your stance ánd getting accustomed to a new gun all at once, but hopefully you can spend a lot of time shooting and enjoying your purchase. While I dig the collector urges (here we only get five slots ever...
  4. Luke_(NL)

    Playing with an idea….

    Distribution around the country here isn't as big a deal as it would be in the UK - we're a lot smaller as a country and the services that are licensed to transport munitions can do so all over, with distances not being that great. As for the market, "in one's area" is a bigger percentage of our...
  5. Luke_(NL)

    Wanted Trigger unit DT11 Black (carbon)

    Hi all, I've been told that for a while, DT11's (including the DT11 Black version) were sold with a spare trigger unit as standard. No such luck for mine, so if anyone has a spare 'carbon' trigger unit for a DT11 Black (or the carbon EELL, which has the same unit) that they wouldn't mind...
  6. Luke_(NL)

    Total Noob 1st Gun

    I concur with Freddypip. Having gone through a similar process without strict budgetary restraints, it was tempting to immediately go for something top-end. But, looking back I'm glad I didn't. As you start, it's about 65 % ability and experience gained, 34 % is gun fit and probably less than a...
  7. Luke_(NL)

    Playing with an idea….

    I have no idea about the required licensing and insurance requirements in the UK, but going on what applies at my end of the Channel, subletting a premises could be an issue. In the application for permits storage and retail of munitions (and likely same for insurance) you have to demonstrate...
  8. Luke_(NL)

    New member

    Welcome. Plenty to read on here and there have been a few recent threads on the 694. I am also quite partial to Beretta, but have 'missed' the 694 myself. (I shoot an ancient 686 Special Sporting, a 692 BE and a DT11 BE) My mate shoots one and he is really happy with it.
  9. Luke_(NL)

    Beretta 686 barrel problem

    Any news on resolution? Re-reading this, I am still wondering what the breach face looks like, as there has to be a gap somewhere given that the barrels have come loose. I assume the barrels slide back in when assembling the gun, given that the forend attaches to the barrels. As for Beretta not...
  10. Luke_(NL)

    adverts for clothing randomly in between threads...

    Seems to work, but I have a question. If we disable ads, does that hurt the ad-revenue? If so, I'd rather suffer an ad or two and ensure financial fitness for costs of hosting and such...
  11. Luke_(NL)

    Choices! New or SH Usual questions .

    Wouldn't that buy you a car in todays money, if adjusted for inflation? 😁
  12. Luke_(NL)

    Choices! New or SH Usual questions .

    Sounds like it. The 682 E enjoys a good reputation but given their age most will have seen commensurate use. Should you still be considering a second hand Beretta, there's tables found on the fora that will tell you the year they were first proofed in Italy (and hence the year they were...
  13. Luke_(NL)

    budget starter gun

    Across the Channel, us continental shooters have fine shooting steel through tighter chokes for decades. I have used M / IM with HV steel cartridges to no uncertain effect for quite a while. My gun is fine, but of course that is a N=1 observation. While I don't doubt the vast experience of a...
  14. Luke_(NL)

    GMK service update

    As a 692 owner, I'd love to hear why it was sent back, what work was done to it and whether you are happy with the results (aside from waiting for almost three months).
  15. Luke_(NL)

    Shooting glasses

    Pilla-owner here as well. Sort-of a buy once, cry once choice really. I can't fault the quality and while the plethora of options may seem daunting at first i have tried different lenses (of other people) over the years to narrow down my choices. While certainly not cheap, having a few different...
  16. Luke_(NL)

    Oxford Gun Company Issue

    While I don't know anyone involved, the optics for OP aren't great. Usually the terms of a commission sale are made quite clear (and are likely documented in some form). I suppose we should just guess whether there is a breach of terms on one end, or a misunderstanding of terms on the other...
  17. Luke_(NL)

    Beretta 694 Problem

    Apart from Browning, the 'numbers in the field' aren't really a comparison. More Beretta's in people's hands than any other brand so you will hear about a Beretta with an issue way sooner than say, a Blaser (as has been brought up previously). I'd love to see the actual numbers of RMA's of say...
  18. Luke_(NL)

    Beretta 694 Problem

    I can only agree that a demo-gun of any brand should be in pristine working order. Any idea what the cause may have been? May simple be a matter of lube or other maintenance, but certainly not okay to be sent round a course with any issues present. As for the 694, I do think there was a...
  19. Luke_(NL)

    Beretta 694 Problem

    Beretta is probably in the top three of the most widely sold shotgun brands globally, if not at the top of that list. I am pretty curious how they would compare to any other manufacturer in a calculation of " issues in percentage(s) of guns sold", as I think the percentage would be far lower...
  20. Luke_(NL)

    Dirty ends!

    Can't wait to hear more affectionate terms for our beloved equipment. It's hard to translate 'ours' from across the Channel, but I'll give it a go. On the skeet field it's not uncommon to see shooters with a small towel hanging from their vest, as rain is as common here as it is in the UK. I...