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  1. J

    Wanted K80

    I have a mate selling one if you could PM me either an e-mail address or contact number for yourself. Thanks.
  2. J

    CPSA smiles on the north!

    You’re welcome.
  3. J

    CPSA smiles on the north!

    This should have what you need.
  4. J

    CFG Passive vs CFG Switch

    Passive earplugs have always been my preference, they do the job well and have less to go wrong. Currently from personal experience, Mercury are extremely poor with after-sales customer service when dealing with a fault on new passive earplugs. Sporadic responses to e-mails and contact via...
  5. J

    East Lancashire / West Yorkshire border - Clough Head Clay Target Club.

    They do a 70-bird ESP (7 stands of 10) each Sunday and most Bank Holiday Mondays for £20.00. They put on a good layout with targets suitable for all abilities and changed weekly. It is a fibre-wad only ground with the usual cartridge restrictions. Shooting starts at 10:00 with bacon butties...
  6. J

    Hamilton gunslip/stand

    We have used the double shoulder strap/rucksack style ones without issue, just they take a long time to dry out fully if they get soaked through.  We no longer use ours, so if you are interested in one for a reasonable donation to a charity of our choice, send me a PM.  They are used but in...
  7. J

    Peltor Sportac ear cups

    Hello, They are very easy to change and basically clip off and on, I have done this more than once and it is minutes of a job.  The replacement hygiene kits are often far cheaper bought from non-shooting specific suppliers.  I can’t help regarding the gel ones...
  8. J

    Hull Sporting 100 variance

    I have not noticed a discernible difference in the fibre wad version between the black or silver heads.  The black head version are my older stock, with the silver version being my more recent purchases, including those in the new slab packaging bought this week.
  9. J

    24gram shells

    Sellier & Bellot: Look at the Sellier & Bellot website then give Mike at Black Lion Cartridges a call on 01422 885885 and he will give you the current price for the cartridges you want.  The Parcours are...
  10. J

    Paid and no service

    In order to expedite SGC applications and renewals by increasing staff numbers etc, would people be happy to pay an increased cost as compared to the annual membership of BASC and/or the CPSA, the five yearly SGC fees seem minimal and that is what allows us to legally possess the very things we...
  11. J

    Northern shooting grounds. Your recommendations please

    Paint Mine Woods in Warton is about 45 minutes north of Preston and only 5 miles off the M6 - fibre wad only and open Thursday, Friday and Sunday (check the hours).  Very welcoming/friendly and a good shoot for £23 p/100 - free tea and coffee thrown in.  Well worth a visit.
  12. J

    What will you do ?

    Agreed and spot on, people do need to listen.
  13. J


    I used Jane at Custom Creative Clothing @ Doveridge Clay Sports in March this year.  Great service and I was very happy with the work she did, highly recommended. [email protected] Ta.