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A claim I have never adhered to myself but seeing as it keeps raising its comical, nay deluded head, perhaps we could have a little discussion as to why you think that may be the case ?! In preparation I spent a few minutes on CPSA stats and have surmised that during the last period a SINGLE person (Olympic hero RF no less) managed to achieve an average of 95 in ESP, a further 8 shooters behind him broke through the 93 barrier, the total number of shooters in the entire country who have an average exceeding 91 is 27, twenty seven people in the whole country broke 91% or more of the targets they tackled ! (ps. these are based on a min 1000 targets shot by the way which is realistic). Some rather well known names have averages that only just clear 90 ! 

Somebody tell me what I'm missing here because the figures seem to suggest all is well in the world. 
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I shot a load of interviews at NSS18, so I thought I would put them in their own thread if that's ok with you lot?

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The price of registered shoots - join the debate...

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Views from the 2018 English Open at Atkins Grant and Lang
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Anyone from here going to the Masters this week?  We have a squad booked Tuesday first thing and am so looking forward to it.  Love shooting Dysons targets and in my opinion this will be the best shoot of the year. (Again). 

Hope to see some old friends there and maybe some new ones from here.

Happy shooting everyone 
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hi all

I read on here some time ago about getting young shots started on the path of wisdom  and what size gun to use.

my wifes grandson wanted to try out clays hes 13 years old quite into sport tennis football running etc he had a broken shoulder from foot ball a while ago its now healed but I was a bit worried .

I decided on adding an extra pad to the back of my old over and under and got some 21 gram loads, I bought a hundread and off we went.

after shooting a hundread each he had no shoulder pain or discomfort at all and asked can he do some more ,so I bought another 50 and he rattled through them quite happily. we came home I was a bit knackered but he was bright as a buton and asked can we go again tomorrow,so weather permitting were off again
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Anyone know if the shooting will be on TV for any shooting events?
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Hi guys

i have been encountering a problem with my arms for the past few months. My forearms are hurting like hell and i have come to the conclusion that it derives from the clay shooting. It started with my left forearm, right below the elbow. The pain lasted for a couple of months and then almost disappeared. However it come back acompanied by the same pain on my right forearm at exeactly the same spot but more acute. It has been another 2 months and the right arm pain has become so bad that i even have difficulty shaking a man's hand properly. Last week i did not even go shooting because of that and it was just the 2nd week i have missed since i started shooting in August. Has anybody encountered the same problem before? Has  anybody heard of, or had any friend with the same problem? I would really appreciate any info that you could possibly give me as i have gone crazy with this sport since day1 and this issue is making it difficult for me to enjoy it.

A little more info that might help:

I have been shooting 100 - 250 shells every week. Having occupied with several sports through my life, i know well that each sport works out different groups of muscles and it takes a while for those muscles to strenghten. I wonder if it was maybe too much and too early to strart shooting 250 shells?

Could it be that i do something wrong and get this outcome? E.g. not holding firmly enough the stock to my shoulder and and my arms get to absorb more recoil than they should? (just another thought)

I am left handed but shoot from the right shoulder as it comes more natural to me and i also have a right dominant eye. In general i am well built and have always been a sportsman, but now in my early 40s i am getting a little bit of a belly:)
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Does anyone on here have any experience of either of these Rizzini`s ?

A mate is looking at them with a view to getting one and having it fitted to him fully but with a view to one day passing it down to his daughter who shoots and is a certificate holder.

It will be an alround gun for sporting clays, driven and walked up game and maybe the odd day in a hide. Sporting clays and walked up game being the most uses.


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If i were to buy 5000 cartridges, should I expect a discount over the 5 x 1000 price, or is a 1000 the max number (multiple) you can get a discount on?
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Hi Everyone,

There has been a cock up,regarding the January date. This shoot is for January 14th-not January 7th,as stated in "Pull". Sorry about this. Shoot will still be 100 sporting reg,entries 10-1.00pm

Can I take this chance to wish everyone the straightest of shooting in 2018!
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