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Steve Lovatt

£150 1st each class plus extra £50 to HG - so £200 HG

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Steve Lovatt

We just can't keep on top of a Winter Series - too much admin!!

Instead we are going to do the following prize funds for Sunday Sporting at

Weston Wood, Westfield and Garlands

100 Reg from now until End Feb.

£150 1st each Class

Cash down the ranks from the prize pot as far as we can go

The overall winner of the shoot will take an extra 'floating £50' ontop of the £150 so effectively having a £200 High Gun.

This prize fund clicks in when we reach 111 registered entries. If we have less than that we will revert to the standard £150 High Gun and cash in classes.

This Sunday at Weston Wood we are looking to man 13 Stands and a Pool Shoot. Entries are 10am to 1pm. This should enable smooth running and no or minimal queuing.

Hope you like the plan........

Ally :wink:

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