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El Spavo

Cleaning rod/kit suggestions?

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On 4/8/2019 at 10:41 PM, El Spavo said:

Thanks for all the tips fellas, think I'm pretty much up to speed on what and how to clean (although I might have a chat about summat with you when I see you next Will... remind me cos I'll forget... again! 😄). That decathlon kit turned out to be more useful than I thought: Martyn, you're right that in doesn't really fit the 'standard' brushes... unless you turn them round the other way. Sussed it that the biggest area of fouling was the forcing cones and just after, and the Payne Galway fits perfectly on the wrong brass end of the stick so I use that to give them a good going over as it's nice and short and gets to the cones fine, then push it through the barrel with the other two rods with a bit of kitchen towel on't end to clean it up until it all falls out the muzzle. By using the single piece of the three rods to do it you can get a good purchase on the grime cos it's such a short length.

Just my tuppence worth to chuck in. :)

(Still after a nice one piece that's not too expensive though! 😄)

Tetra or army surplus

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On 8/3/2018 at 8:13 PM, westley said:

Not always true about a rod just being a rod.  Over nearly 60 years I have accumulated  several types of cleaning rod, most of the wooden/brass jointed rods waggle around like nothing on earth, the brass being loose on the shrunken wood and the 3 piece variety are even worse. I have 4 aluminium rods of American distribution, 1 x one piece, 2 x two piece and 1 x three piece. These are my full time cleaning rods and they remain assembled permanently.  Two of the rods have the 'Bisley'  solid bronze type brushes (sometimes called chamber brushes). 1 in 12 bore, the other being in 20 bore. The other 2 rods are fitted with 2 split plastic jags of 12 bore gauge. One or two sweeps with the bronze brush and then the same with the Napier 'super clean ' patch material, in the split jag. ONLY if there is any fouling (usually around the forcing cone/chamber area) will I use Phillips spray cleaner and some balls of kitchen towel. Strips of kitchen towel wrapped around the plastic jag also works well.  I carry a Bore-Snake in each gun case, but only use them if I am shooting away from home.  Buy a small can of spray 3 in 1 oil and the same in WD40. Carry them in your shooting bag. If it is raining at the start of the day, whip off the forend and spray the barrels with 3 in 1 oil. Wipe off surplus with kitchen towel. If the gun gets wet, spray the barrels inside and out with WD40 before putting back in gunslip for the journey home.  I like the Lucas red gun oil  and the Lucas red grease, both off fleabay, cheap enough, good stuff and last for ever. Worth a look, I always use the red oil on my chokes and have NEVER had one stuck.

3 in 1 spray, when did that happen? 

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18 hours ago, rocky said:

3 in 1 spray, when did that happen? 

I think it was made for the Lycra brigade er..................to stop squeaks   !     Either way it is a handy size for the range bag.

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