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sean the sheep

Gunsite results for May 13th 2018

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sean the sheep


Thanks to all who came today and below are the scores:

High Gun - J. Brown 99

AA/ 1st S. Rudling 98

        2nd O. Baker 97

       Joint 3rd D. Sturgess, A. Herbert-Smith 96

       5th R. Draper 95

A/  1st J. Hemmings 92

       2nd J. Fairburn 90

       Joint 3rd A. Bullock, C. Avery, R. Horn and B. Baxter 89

B/  1st S. Pinchin 84

      Joint 2nd A. Griffin, G. Seviour 83

      4th A. Samways 82

      5th P. White 81

C/  1st J. Herbert 79

      2nd L. Cartwright 

     3rd J. Wyatt

     4th J. Vines, R. Thompson

Ladies/ 1st N. Gray 92

              2nd J. Gilder 82

Vets/  1st J. Heagren 98

           2nd R. Blamire 90

Juniors/ 1st T. coleman 84

                2nd H. Barker 70

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What's the scores for 2nd , 3rd and 4th for c class?

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