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salop sniper

FSB / Nick Penn - Shooting both eyes open.

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Just watched it. I'm an Archer  who shoots an olympic style Bow.  Basically similar to shot gun shooting in that there's  there's no back sight, only a reference points where the string and hand toutch the face in a similar way that the cheek on the stock provides a reference on a shotgun for eye alignment.  If I close my dominant eye (right) the arrow goes 2 feet left at 18m. 

Could it be that  he's saying that people with the correctly identified sye dominance  are being miss diagnosed with eye dominance issues because they miss and are being told to shut an eye to correct when they don't need to.  Otherwise it doesn't make sense.  

Slight thread drift. Watched the bit with Pete Wilson. 

I suspect that DT is being dropped as it's hardly a popular discapline. The numbers that take part were probably stood in the field with him. 

Maybe mixed fitasc could have been an option?

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Another glaring error in the August edition of Clay Shooter (thank God it's a freebie ) with writers like Reece Dunne ,  page 31, the last section 'What's in store for next month?' Please spot the mistake.

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